Freak Out

You can take a ride for free…maybe
You can make us all believe…maybe


With his debut solo single Freak Out, Eric Charles says he isn’t trying to change the world overnight. But… should we believe him?

From its first convulsive lead guitar notes – subtly discordant – this song compels. Flowing fast into haunting, trancelike lead vocals, suddenly we’re in a delicate sonic landscape with an insistent pulse and rootsy acoustics to add a layer of warmth.

He’s stayed true to his indie pop rocker pedigree with his first solo album, Another Trip – recorded with award-winning producer J. Richard Hutt. (Tom Cochrane, The Northern Pikes). Studded with catchy melodies and ear-pleasing rock n’roll hooks, Another Trip also delivers carefully-crafted, sensitive lyrics that repay a close listen.

Freak Out’s gritty embellishments and relentlessly driving chorus stem naturally from the song’s topic. The concept for the track evolved through witnessing what the artist calls “the path ”of destruction” wrought by mental illness and addiction. Its shimmering chorus warrants the term “anthem”, but pulls back each time into a slightly more aggressive sound as the verses progress.

Spend time with Eric Charles’ pure, warm vocals and it’s not a surprise to learn that music found him early and in the most natural way:

My best friend’s Dad had an old Yamaha 12 string guitar. He used light up a wood fire and ”play. He really intrigued me.

Charles also remembers hearing the Beatles on the radio during long car rides to the family cottage.

I would sing all the harmonies.

Freak Out is a noteworthy lead off from an artist who – after years on the road and more years alone with his craft – has fine-tuned his sound with graceful intimacy.